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BY A S H L E Y R I C K S going on faith [ summer 2017 ] A Life of Travel [ STYLE YOUR TRIP, LLC ] GIGI INIGO WHO DO YOU PLAN FOR? Style Your Trip, LLC, a company that partners with numerous parishes and congregations to plan international pilgrimages. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE? 1 Corinthians 13. "Love is everything." WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Santa Ana, California. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESTINATION? Inigo's favorite destination is Italy. "Rome, Florence, Venice, really the entire country. I can just go over and over." WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES? Inigo's favorite hobby is traveling but when she's not traveling, she loves cooking and "exploring food, doing cooking experiences and eating at great restaurants." G igi Inigo has been active in the travel industry for 25 years but not always as a travel planner. "I was the district sales manager for Philippine Airlines before joining a tour operator," she said. Among her responsibilities for the tour operator was launching a travel program to Israel. While the travel program wasn't necessarily focused on the religious market, Inigo worked closely with the Israel Ministry of Tourism office in charge of clergy relations and was invited to tour the country. This trip made its mark on Inigo. "I was inspired and decided I really wanted to lead pilgrimages," she said. "Pilgrimages have a different type of personality." She views the religious market as "incredibly rewarding" and different from the more fast-paced, competitive nature of the larger travel industry. "A pilgrimage is not just a vacation," she said. "It's another level because you walk in the footsteps of the Lord or the saints. It's a spiritual journey." Every pilgrimage is a special experience, but she sets out to make every trip memorable by including extra touches to deepen the experience for her pilgrims. FAITH F A C E S T R A V E L of BY A S H L E Y R I C K S One of Inigo's groups cruises on the Sea of Galilee.

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