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going on faith [ goingonfaith.com ] 3) TRAVEL OFFSEASON. Many popular destinations have predictable demand cycles that dictate their high and low seasons — such as ski resorts in winter and beach destinations in summer. Visiting these areas in peak season will bring high hotel prices. But taking tours to those same places during the slower seasons can result in significant savings on hotel rates. As long as your group is prepared for less-than-ideal weather, you can save significant money and, as a bonus, avoid the crowds. 4) AIM FOR SLOW DAYS. You can also find cost savings by visiting destinations on slower days of the week. In some cities that get a lot of Monday-through-Friday business travel, weekend hotel prices can be much lower. Many destinations that thrive on week- end leisure travel offer discounts to groups that will fill otherwise empty rooms during the week. 5) TARGET HOTEL VALUE. Nothing else affects the price of a trip more than hotel rates, and the price you pay for rooms can vary dramatically based on location and amenities. You should have a list of which features are important to your group — perhaps free breakfast and interior corridors — and which are not, such as a pool or a fitness center. Target your hotel searches to properties that offer the most of what you need and the least of what you don't. And keep in mind that you can often save significantly on hotels if you're willing to sacrifice on location, staying in the suburbs, near an airport or away from the city center. 6) USE THE HUB-AND-SPOKE STRATEGY. If you are planning a tour that includes several destinations or attractions within driving distance of one another, consider finding a small town that is centrally located among those cities and using it as your hub for the trip. The hotels in these smaller communities are almost always lower priced than their counterparts in larger cities, so you can save money by staying there each night and then "spoking" out to the cities you want to visit each day. 7) LIMIT INCLUSIONS. It's nice to be able to offer three meals a day, enhanced attrac- tion experiences and other special touches on your tours. But since there's no such thing as a free lunch, these inclusions come at a price, and incorporating too many of them can cause the overall cost of a trip to inch upward. If you want to offer a low cost of entry for your travelers, consider planning your trips with minimal included meals and activities. They will have to pay out of pocket during the trip this way, but they will have more choices and con- trol over how much they spend. 8) PRORATE COMPS. This tip is somewhat technical but can offer some real savings if applied properly. When working with groups, many travel companies, hotels, attractions and other organizations offer complimentary goods and services as an incentive to group leaders. Policies vary from company to company, but it's not uncommon for an organization to offer one free room, admission, meal, etc., for every 10 to 15 paying custom- ers. If you're traveling with the group, the first comp should be used to make sure your trip is free. But if your group is big enough to earn two or three comps, you can spread the benefit of those additional savings across the entire group, lowering the cost for everyone. Always ask for comps when working with travel vendors. 9) ASK FOR HELP. No matter where you travel, you should always have local experts helping you put together a great trip. Whether it's the convention and visitors bureau in a destination or a tour operator that has taken hundreds of other groups to that region, these experts know the ins and outs of the places you want to go, and they will have insights about how to save money. Always ask these partners what they can do to help you fit the trip within your budget. GET CREATIVE. If you have taken advantage of all the above tips and are still coming in over budget, it's time to exercise some of your own creativity to find ways to cut costs. Find ways to maximize the value you deliver while cutting out the extras that don't matter as much. Don't let old habits or outdated traditions hold you back. Instead, take a fresh look at every aspect of your trip to find ways to save. Tour SOUTHEAST INDIANA KENTUCKY OHIO INDIANA Cincinnati Indianapolis Louisville Lexington 1 South of I-74 & west of I-275, 20 minutes west of Cincinnati www.TOURSoutheastIndiana.com 800-322-8198 Aurora and Lawrenceburg GIRLFRIEND Getaways

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