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OCT-NOV 2016

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going on faith [ october | november 2016 ] Continuing a Legacy FAITH F A C E S T R A V E L of Like most great things in life, Peggy Watson learned about church group travel from her mother. Watson, who lives in Kansas City, Missouri, watched her mom plan trips for friends at her church for years, until time and age took their toll on the group. "Her last trip was in 2003," Watson said. "She took 75 people on the train to the Grand Canyon." By that time, Watson had joined Paseo Baptist Church, which had been around for more than 100 years, and figured that if travel had succeeded for her mother's con- gregation, it might work for hers, too. So she surveyed the church membership and found that there was a demand for faith- based, community-building trips. "We did a survey to ask some of the adults what they wanted, and they wanted trips," she said. "A lot of us are widows or widowers, and we don't want to travel alone. So the church was a vehicle where they could travel and feel comfortable being alone." So in 2001, shortly before her moth- er's retirement from travel planning, Peggy Watson started planning trips of her own. "It started out being just day trips," she said. "We would go to places close by, not even as far as Branson. Just places an hour away, like St. Joseph. Then someone said we had been everywhere we could go, so we decided to branch out. We took our first big trip to Orlando, Florida, to see the Holy Land Experience." Watson's mother died in 2014, but her legacy in faith-based travel lives on. N E A R A N D F A R Not long after her group began tak- ing trips further afield, Watson discovered the Going On Faith Conference, which [ PASEO BAPTIST CHURCH ] peggy watson by B R I A N J E W E L L " W E S T A R T E V E R Y D A Y W I T H A D E V O T I O N O N T H E B U S . T H A T R E A L L Y S E T S T H E C L I M A T E A N D H E L P S P E O P L E G E T T H E I R M I N D S S E T F O R T H E D A Y . E V E N O U R S T E P - O N G U I D E S H A V E G O T T E N U S E D T O I T — W E ' R E G O I N G T O T A K E S O M E T I M E F O R D E V O T I O N S B E F O R E T H E Y G E T S T A R T E D . " P A S E O B A P T I S T C H U R C H Peggy Watson takes members of Kansas City's Paseo Baptist Church around the country to discover African American heritage. The group also travels abroad.

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